– So, yeah, I did catch a glimpse of you that lifetime.

– When?

– When we didn’t meet. At all.

 – Oh, yes. I only saw your shadow while I was riding a cab in a strange city.

– Yeah…well, I was passing by your house, many years later. You had your kitchen window open and your baby was crying. I think you kept all your neighbours awake that night.

– Oh, those years… those terrible wonderful years.

– You smile, they must’ve been good. Anyway, you reached up and opened one of the cupboards. I could see your cheek, slightly tired and worried. You had your hair in a pony tail. I could see your arm searching for something inside the cupboard – the arm that was supposed to embrace me, the hand that was supposed to touch me! I could not see your child. I wish I could see your eyes… What is it?

– Nothing, random thoughts.

– You can tell me anything.

– Can I? Very well! I don’t want to see you ever again, but I bought you chocolate today.

– What kind?