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Unele lucruri pur si simplu suna bine. Sunetele se rostogolesc rotunde. Hai sa incercam in alta limba:

three coffee beans.

Google imi sugereaza sa le servesc in Sambuca.

health, happiness, prosperity.

I’m stronger than this shit.

I am one of those annoying people that tell you everything. I just do. I need to tell, I need to share the tiniest, insignificant details of my life. I need a friend, someone close by, someone I can tell I’ve dreamed of stinging nettles last night, or that my friend fell into a hole in the ground and it was night and I gave her two shots with one syringe, I have no idea how.

I’ve had such a friend and I’ve ruined it. So…

Dear blog,

  • I walk like Robocop.
  • There’s a pot of custard about to explode in my fridge.
  • Today I said „innit?” Naturally. I didn’t even realised it. Somebody had to point that out.

– So, yeah, I did catch a glimpse of you that lifetime.

– When?

– When we didn’t meet. At all.

 – Oh, yes. I only saw your shadow while I was riding a cab in a strange city.

– Yeah…well, I was passing by your house, many years later. You had your kitchen window open and your baby was crying. I think you kept all your neighbours awake that night.

– Oh, those years… those terrible wonderful years.

– You smile, they must’ve been good. Anyway, you reached up and opened one of the cupboards. I could see your cheek, slightly tired and worried. You had your hair in a pony tail. I could see your arm searching for something inside the cupboard – the arm that was supposed to embrace me, the hand that was supposed to touch me! I could not see your child. I wish I could see your eyes… What is it?

– Nothing, random thoughts.

– You can tell me anything.

– Can I? Very well! I don’t want to see you ever again, but I bought you chocolate today.

– What kind?

It popped.

Ma dor talpile, gleznele si genunchii de praful si pietrele orasului meu parasit.

Mi s-au innegrit umerii de la soarele puternic incalzind acelasi nisip amestecat cu scoici.

Mi-am vazut marea, aceea neagra si agitata, mirosind a alge, singura mare adevarata. Am aflat ca numai ea suna a valuri si vant. In piscine se aud doar pompele rasnind monoton.

Mi-am imbratisat prietenii pe care nu stiam daca-i mai am. Ne-am dat seama impreuna ca am ramas aceeasi, ca n-a trecut atat de mult timp, desi noi am trecut prin multe.

Mi-am deschis sufletul, asa negru si amar cum e, si am descoperit bucuria si surpriza unei alte franturi de suflet. We are bound forever – blood, flesh and soul.

If pilgrimage ever mattered for me, then this is the place…



O pata gri intr-un ocean de culoare.

august 2012