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The metal rustled in the cold wind. Song of fairy-tales. Song of peaceful quietness. Rest. In a bubble.

The S100 arrived, sooner than I expected. I’m almost sure it’s been a display item, the box was open, it had some fingerprints here and there, but the rest of the accessories were sealed and seemed untouched. I don’t really mind this as long as it means £100 off the original price.

Needless to say, I haven’t done anything since I got home except playing with the camera. So far, I am pleased. I love the slightly wider angle, even if distortion is visible.

The reviews warned about sample variation and lens sharpness. Indeed, there might be some problems with this particular camera. If you look closely at the foliage you can spot some blurry areas. Nothing serious, though, and since it’s a matter of luck, there’s not much one can do. I took some photos for comparison with my old A710 and overall the image quality was much more uniform. However, the s100 is sharper in the focus area. Who’s looking at 100% anyway?

Also, very important, the serial number doesn’t correspond to this announcement.

The ISO settings look decent even at 800. I haven’t tested this thoroughly, but the results are promising.

And here comes the fun part: there’s a button called HDR. And many users advised that it doesn’t work very well. I can imagine it’s difficult to align the photos if your subject is moving. Or your hands are shaking. A tripod would be ideal, but even when you don’t have one, this little camera could work miracles.

Do you see this?

This is sky! The sky in Britain. In my photos. Real HDR, from 3 different exposures. On the spot. Decent and incredible for lazy people that hate post-processing like me. Here’s another one:

The camera has a couple of more features that I didn’t quite understand. I’m sure they’re great, but my lack of knowledge failed to provide some decent photos. I might need to unseal the manual.

The AUTO mode is fairly decent, so if my parents don’t feel like tweaking menus and settings at a certain point, I’m sure they will have lovely photos anyway.

I truly hope they like it. This is going to be a surprise for them! 😉



O pata gri intr-un ocean de culoare.

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