Andreea sent me this. Cheesy and funny, I couldn’t  help posting it, because the text is even better than I expected, and the quiz made me feel as a teenager.

You cannot stand any mushiness or baby talk. You dream of becoming like Princess Sticky-Fingers or the Faceless Princess. The Night Princess is your heroine.

You adore black. Your palace is a mansion where you scheme from morning till night.

You can sometimes be a little aloof like the frosty Princess Ices. But you also have secret joys which you studiously enter in your book of secrets: how to make the special fertilizer for your carnivorous plants, how to make particularly disgusting grimaces, and the formulas for extremely effective poisons. Be careful, however, not to end up like Princess Primandproper: lonely and consumed with meanness.

The night is your best time. You love to watch shooting stars, to sit outside and watch the full moon, and to speak with the bats flying above the palace. But don’t stay shut up indoors all day. Daytime also has its own secrets.

The Secret Lives of Princesses