• Protagonisti: Alexandra, dupa un somn de 4 ore in avion, purtand un tricou cu Mickey Mouse si pinguini la urechi; ofiterul de la biroul de imigrari, pe un ton poruncitor:

– What is the purpose of your visit?

– Huh? School…

– Do you travel alone? Where is your school group??

– Huh? They left before me…

– Where do you study?

– Cambridge…

In a softened voice:

– As in…University of Cambridge…?

– Yessss. 😀

– What do you study?

– PhD in Chemistry (nu-i tocmai asa, dar e prea complicat de explicat)

– Oh, congratulations. You may pass.

Bottom line: cardul de student ma trece granita mai usor decat mama pasaportului.

  • Random Massimo Dutti customer to his significant other:

– By the time your that big, it’s going to be May.

Random Massimo Dutti customer with penguins checking out the same coat:

– Dintr-o data nu mai vreau…

  • Random a-ha lovers lost around Wembley Stadium:

– Excuse us, do you know how to get to the Wembley Arena?

Answered in a creepy voice and intensely gesticulating:

– I am deaf!


  • Random tourists in the Wembley area

– We’re staying in „Wembley, London”. (quotation marks included on the hotel key chain)

– Yeah, it’s called Brent!

De fapt, era vreo ora de mers in jurul stadionului.

  • Random tourists exploring a different side of London.

– Si unde coboram?

– In Willesden Junction.

Dupa cateva minute de tacere:

– Auzi, acolo trebuia sa ajunga ala din cartea lui Haddon. Si baietii din birou au zis ca e creepy zona…