These past few days have really been an opportunity to test my limits and improve my anger management skills. I’ve received so many answers that begin with the dreadful word ‘No’ that I am almost immune, and actually surprised on the various occasions when a shy ‘Yes’ may occur.

  • Can I get a decent room?

NO!!! Definitely not, ever!!

  • Could I have a guest at the matriculation dinner?

Sorry, no. 😦


  • Could I get an appointment next week?

No, it’s now or never.

  • How about an on-line booking?

No, actually, we don’t know.

  • [To the printer] Would you print this for me, 2 sides please??

Bzzzt,  bzzzt. Error. Printing cancelled.

  • Do I get paid??



Ok, the last one was more like a „Maybe, we don’t know…We’ll do our best.”