Home alone, no boyfriend, no parents, no real work to do. Luckily, good friends in town, and some peace and quiet to blog more… 😛

So we’ve decided to visit some old places that we kinda missed lately. And we chose the only place in town were they actually serve olives in your martini. And then we took a huge risk and ordered something else. In fact, I really wanted to play it safe and asked for a Mojito. I mean, how bad can you screw a mojito?? It could have too much water…or too much alcohol!!! Well, it seems that…it can get really really REALLY bad. Especially when you don’t add mint leaves. And you pour in mint syrup. A lot of syrup. So much, that you turn a simple drink into an alienish green minty mouthwash. It pairs well with the gin cocktail that tastes just like aftershave:


To make matters worse, the waiter apologized claiming that…he did not create the monstrosity, and that we should order something we know that we like, not just randomly select from his menu. I looked at him, „Honey, I know how a Mojito should taste!!” O_o. As I write this, I realize he probably meant that we should have chosen something that we ACTUALLY tried and we’re pretty sure that we like it the way THEY make it. Martini and olives it is. God knows what would have happened if it weren’t for those olives. I might have ripped his eyes off.