I never spoke about that, but I feel that it should be written here, on this blog. I don’t even know where to begin. I just wanted to talk about the need for human touch, or more likely, the lack of it.

I didn’t exactly realize it until I’ve spent two whole months away from friends and family, somewhere on the other side of the world. It was all about etiquette, it was all about being professional. The hugs were impersonal, the hand-shakes – formal. I soon began to wish for people in the streets flashing „Free Hugs” boards.

I don’t think you can really picture it. No simple, friendly hug. No pat on the shoulder. Not even a forehead leaning on your shoulder at a late hour, in a bar. No funny looks for funny pictures. Kidding about something like that was out of the question.

Someone did break the silence at a certain point. He had no idea how much that insignificant gesture brought to my life. I instantly acknowledged the void surrounding me.

Meanwhile, Cosmopolitan is my best friend…

Undoubtedly, we need skin. Someone else’s soft skin to touch. Warm flesh, blood pumping through tiny vessels. So, go hug a parent, kiss a brother, or a cousin, or a friend. Touch. Feel. Live.