I just wanted you to know…I was there in that lifetime you were talking about. Right next to you, in spite of the entire world separating us. We did talk, on numerous occasions. I tried to teach you everything I had learn, but you wouldn’t listen.

I still don’t understand how you could feel me that night, me sitting in the balcony, you driving in that cab. And how come you didn’t know it every time we met. I noticed, though, your strange behaviour at a certain point. I suppose you figured out by that time that something just wasn’t right about us.

I almost had the courage to tell you, once. I even pictured ourselves, sitting on that stone in the park, me at one end, you at the other, and talking without looking at each other. Because the words would have been to heavy and adding up the burden of your slightest glimpse would make communication impossible. I think I would have said,

„It’s me, and I know you were there in that cab that night…”

I can’t imagine your answer. And that’s been eating me inside ever since. Terrible life we lived, indeed…