We turn and toss, love and hate, one day is white the next is black, isn’t it so? Struggling against each other, falling into pieces, picking up the trash, keep on going!

I hurt your arm, you hurt my flight, we couldn’t choose between what’s right. Or wrong, awfully wrong. But do we have the courage to admit it? I step behind, you go to far. As always, forgetting how terribly different we are. Is it good or is it bad? To go on like this without knowing what’s in store. Without owning the slightest piece of certainty about each other. Without even guessing where this ride is going to take us or whether we’ll finish it or not. We’ve been told it ends somewhere, over the rainbow, beyond infinity. I suppose all that’s left to do is look into your eyes…

„It’s gonna be alright in Old LA tonight…”