„Do you know that I could fly you to heaven? And then I would let you fall…just like that…I’d open my arms and let you go…If you knew that, would you still trust me? Would you believe that I’d catch you again?!”

Who said that? I can’t tell whether it was real or not. Was it only a dream? I am pretty sure that I heard it before. But who can tell?? Is there any hope that I’ll remember?

I woke up at 2 a.m. Dark is the night…Stars sliding through my window…As if I was watching an old filmstrip…Everything stood still…except those shinny little stars in the corner of my window. Stories sent from another world…And I woke up again, one hour later…and again, and again…and the night didn’t seem to end anymore…And then it hit me. One year before?! I finally took the courage to return…my special place…where I could see inside of me… deeply, true, uncensored, without sparing myself… no hidden catch, no strings attached. I was so scared of what I could find out about me. But, strangely, I was fine!

I can still feel the wind carrying the salty scent of the sea…and that old song…from that man’s radio. He was blind…smilling hapily and petting his fluffy cat sitting on his knees… He missed the landscape, but it seemed that he could see further than I would ever reach…And the song – ohh! – the song… „I just called…” Simply. One call from heaven…