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It was a late November…or maybe an early December. I don’t recall it quite well. I do remember it was a misty, dark evening. Trees were sheding cold, liquid tears into the silence of the night. I was returning home…from work, that is…

As I aproached the 7th Street, I heard a shy moan, a very weak cry. For a moment, I really freaked out. It seemed human! I started to look for the source of that unexpected sound. And there it was, behind the dust bins…it wasn’t a child, as I first feared. It was a poor little kitty. It seemed so…not scared…more like…upset! I found that strange for a pet. So I took it into my arms and cuddled it. And afterwards, I just couldn’t let it go anymore. I couldn’t leave it on the streets. So lonely, so small, so vulnerable…

Therefore, I found myself a new flat-mate. I was thinking of taking it to a shelter or something the very next day, but somehow that furry little creature didn’t want to leave my house. I’m not kidding! Really! The next morning I was drinking my coffee wondering what cats usually ate…The only suitable thing available in my fridge was a carton of milk. But she seemed incredibly hungry so I’ve decided to give her away as soon as possible. Therefore, I got dressed, grabbed my car keys and opened the door. The kitty was watching me with that innocent look…gazing with amazement…Almost like she was asking me: „What are you doing?” I tried to take her but she stuck her claws into the carpet. So…there I was…a serious grown man trying to trick a little cat. Milk…cookies…lasagna…nothing worked! At least, I found out she’s not some sort of Garfield, thank God! In the end, I sat down on the floor and started talking to her. Promising that I won’t leave her and that she needn’t worry anymore about her future. Ironically, I remembered something similar…distant memories…same place…same feeling…not wanting to let go, to abandon…only that I never said those words…even though I meant them…I didn’t have the courage to say them, to take such responsibility…But I did then, in a desperate atempt to restore the past, to undo the mistakes, to find forgiveness.

So, I left home with my new kitty. She somehow believed me and all her fears were gone. She enjoyed exploring the interior of my car. She was nice and quiet at the vet. She didn’t trash my leather seats while I was buying cat food from the supermarket.

I remember it took me about a week to find her a name. I mean…it took me a week to realize that she responds everytime I call her kitty. And then it became Kitty…I know, silly me!



O pata gri intr-un ocean de culoare.

aprilie 2007