Nothing to chase away the darkest thoughts. Not even the soft sound of my cat’s paws on the kitchen floor. Not even the rain tapping in my silent window. It’s so quiet in here and the voices are low. This house has never been as empty as today. And as the evening slowly embraces my deepest fears, I try to forget that I dreamed of you. It’s better not to think. It’s easier and healthier.

…And hours flow. Today was left behind. Tomorrow is far away. Out of reach! My dreams flew into the sun. I forgot how it felt…missing you, enjoying you. I was too tired to feel any of that. Music hurts at this timeless moment of the day. It prevents me from thinking, though!…by giving me a headache.

Pointless, however. Too tired to sleep, wishing for the hours to pass me by. I need the sunrise. To wake me up from this. So I could crash on the couch afterwards, putting my troubled soul to sleep. Where’s my cat? Wait, I don’t have any…She left me. Two months ago. Or was it two years?

3:00 a.m. I got up and rushed to the window. For a moment I had this unexpected feeling. I felt seemed that…well…I thought it was snowing! But it wasn’t, of course! How could it be?! But it doesn’t really matter. I was a kid for aproximately two seconds. And then I could tell time again. And minutes didn’t seem endless anymore.

Good night, kitty, wherever you are! Maybe I’ll buy a bunny tomorrow. To take your place. Or some fish…Yeah! I’ll buy some fish. Will you come back if I’ll trade you the fish?